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HR Spinner is a produce packaging distributor founded in 1916.  Harold Spinner started by selling wooden shook to the fledgling tree fruit industry in the Yakima Valley.   Box making crews were created to supply assembled wood crates to the apple and pear packers in the area.  As the industry grew, in 1926 Spinner established an office and warehouse in Wenatchee to serve the northern tree fruit industry of Washington state.

When the cost of wood shook inventory and the supply became a problem, wood was replaced by corrugated cartons.  Integral packaging such as pulp trays, poly bags, fruit wrap and post harvest coatings were later added to the product line.  As the cost of linerboard increased, it became necessary to become involved in mechanically setup cartons i.e. tray form and bliss style boxes.  HR Spinner now has the largest box machine program in the Pacific Northwest.

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